The Worlds’s Most Trusted Quartz Movements

Most of our watch models sport one of the world most popular and reliable QUARTZ movements. The Japanese made, Miyota 2035 takes care of all the hard work and keeps our watches on time, all the time.

Teamed with a genuine Sony battery for long lasting time keeping, our watches are ready to rock ‘n’ roll as soon as you take them out of their box.

Other movements include the Japanese VX42, VX43, 8N24 and the  VD31- all of these have proven themselves as reliable quartz movements in many of the worlds top selling watches.

Our Tough Sapphire Glass

Hardlex Glass

Sapphire glass is known in the luxury watch world as the definitive material for transparency and durability. Sapphire is a synthetic crystal (aluminum oxide Al2O3) rather than actual glass. It is colorless and optically clear. Mechanically, it is second only to diamond as the hardest and most scratch resistant materials on earth. It has a very high level of elasticity and tensile strength, making it extremely versatile and resistant to impact/abrasion. A perfect choice for our wooden watches