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The Benefits of Wooden Watches

JUSTWOOD Valentino Zebra Mens Watch Wooden watches Wristwatch Quartz Adjustable Band

Wooden Watches Wooden watches have a load of benefits and features that give the common metal and plastic watches a real run for their money. We list the top benefits of wooden watches below. No two wooden watches are ever the same, nature itself prefers variety, so the wood grains in each and every watch […]

Personalise that special gift with watch engraving

JUSTWOOD Engraved wood watches personal watch engraving

  At JUSTWOOD Watches we understand that a lot of our customers are shopping for gifts, not just a watch. If they aren’t buying for themselves then they are buying a watch for someone special, But what makes a truly special gift? Watch Engraving A truly special gift is a gift measured not by price but […]

Graduation Gifts – Celebrate Success with a Special Watch

To my son Engraved wood watch

A Graduation is typically a culmination of years and years of hard work resulting in a celebratory occasion to mark the end of one journey and to welcome the next.  A graduation of any nature is deserved of a special gift given to the graduate to mark the occasion. But if a stuffed animal dressed in […]

Perfect Men’s Gifts

JUSTWOOD Genius Ebony Mens Watch Wooden watches Wristwatch Quartz Adjustable Band

Shopping for mens gifts can be quite difficult. Let’s face it men don’t always make it easy. It doesn’t matter if you’re shopping for a partner, brother, father, family friend or work acquaintance finding that men’s gift that is going to be appreciated is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Thank goodness for […]

Perfect Groomsmen Gifts

JUSTWOOD Coachmen Bronze Chronograph Mens Watch Wooden watches Wristwatch Quartz Adjustable Band Groomsmen Watches Gift Best Man

Wooden Watches – Groomsmen Gifts We have sold hundreds of Men’s Wooden Watches over the past few years to Grooms who gave our wood watches out as Groomsmen gifts and the feedback has always been positive. People just love them! If you are looking to get your bridal party something special, something to help them remember the […]