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Are Wooden Watches Any Good?

You might be considering buying a new watch or you may be thinking of gifting a new watch to someone special. You can buy watches nearly anywhere, and the online marketplaces are FULL of deals on watches. The hardest part of buying a new watch is choosing which one! It can be a complicated decision.

The humble wristwatch to many people is far more than just a tool to tell time, its an extension of ones personality, style and a possibly even a status symbol for some. If you take a moment to look around you next time you are out for dinner or down the street and take notice of what watches people are wearing you will notice many are all wearing the same traditional stainless steel or plastic watches. The rare few may have a gold watch (lucky them) – but in general metal and plastic watches are the ‘norm’…. to me these are boring, not saying they aren’t any good but they are so ‘mainstream’.

If you want to step outside the box and look for an alternative to your ‘common watch’ variety, then take a look at Wooden Watches.  Wooden Watches are becoming very popular due to them being ‘different’. People love being trendsetters or simply having something that others don’t – it’s human nature to be an individual! If you take a look at what Wooden Watches are available, you will no doubt find a model or style you love. From classy dials to elegant full wood bands, wooden watches are really quite impressive (and i’m not just saying that because we make and sell wooden watches), take a look at the range yourself and you will see what I mean.

But, are Wooden Watches any good ?

Like any product, a wooden watch is limited in life by the way they are treated. If you want a super-robust, ready-for-battle type watch then a wooden watch might not be suitable. Although a wooden watch can be quite tough and robust, at the end of the day its not metal, its not as forgiving as plastic…. The natural materials used in a wooden watch are just that ‘natural’ and if treated properly and not abused a wooden watch will last for a long time.  But you need to treat them right.

A wooden watch is designed to be worn everyday but they are also classy enough to be worn out for a formal dinner or social event – a real head turner that’s bound to get a lot of positive  comments and start many conversations. They are a fashion watch designed to be practical – they aren’t a watch designed to be used out in the mines or at the coalface where a wristwatch could be the subject  of high impact and blunt force during manual labour.

A cheap watch will give you many years of knocks, scrapes and battle scars – and when the time comes you simply replace it. BUT, when style, class and sophistication is on the menu you want to be able to pull out the big guns. Reach into your draw and don a beautiful dress watch that speaks volumes about your personality, love of style and closeness with nature. This is where a Wooden Watch outranks other watches. No other type of watch can match the natural feel of genuine wood – and the best thing is every single wood watch is truly unique. No 2 wood grains, colours or tones are ever the same- just like human DNA.